Weaving Workshop with Sharyn Egan

Weaving Workshop

WORKSHOP Weaving Workshop with Sharyn Egan Through her art, Sharyn Egan explores her personal and cultural relationships to Nyoongar Boodja (country). Her art pieces verify the relationship between places and people, plants and animals, whilst also reminding us of our role as custodians, to care for the natural world. “In Aboriginal culture everything is connected […]

Tool Making workshop

Tool Making

WORKSHOP Tool-making workshop In this workshop, Cleave Knarkle explains the process of making Noongar tools the traditional way. Such information was passed on to him by his elders: his grandfather, father, and uncles as they lived on country together. Although Cleave has adapted this traditional skill, he continues to teach the next generation of the […]

Noongar Bush Dolls

Noongar Bush Dolls

WORKSHOP Noongar Bush Dolls Yarn with Noongar artist Geri Hayden while you create your character from natural materials and mixed media. Enjoy the playfulness of working with our beautiful bush plants.   Geri grew up on the Reserve in Brookton with her family, old Nanas and great-grandmothers. She watched the old women make dolls for […]