Two Mountains Dreaming

TWO MOUNTAINS DREAMING SPECIAL EVENT | OPENING PRESENTED BY THE YORK FESTIVAL & FESTIVALS AUSTRALIA In York, there are two big hills. The biggest is Walwalling, which means ‘place of weeping’. The other one is Wongborel, which means ‘sleeping woman’. The Noongars gave these names to the hills because of what happened a long time […]

The Hollow featuring Alli Butler

The Hollow

MUSIC/THEATRE The Hollow featuring Alli Butler The Hollow is a country rock musical set in the wheatbelt. It is a ghost story. A love story. A comedy. A tragedy. It is a country singer’s dark night of the soul and her troubled adventures into love, notoriety and how it all only makes sense when you […]

The Silver Birds

PUPPETRY The Silver Birds These fantastical creatures are a sight to behold! Standing almost four metres tall and fully illuminated, these graceful wading birds glide through the crowds, spreading their wings and dancing while their silvery feathers shimmer and shine. Made by WA artist Sanjiva Margio, and born from the City of Joondalup’s 2018 Festival […]