TLoL strives to promote empathy, community and a slower way of communicating through the lost of art of letter writing.  Existing to inspire community toward compassion, connection and understanding through the sharing of the lives of people from across the world. TLoL has manifold experiences that serve to ignite compassion.
The act of writing as offering. Sharing words of wisdom, joy, and reflection. Telling a person you’ll likely never meet a little about your own world as a way to cultivate connection. The power in giving through allowing yourself to be witnessed.

The event of a TLoL visit is one of creativity, a room full of typewriters with their own histories, dip pens, ink pots and old stationery.  Visit TLoL to experience the joy of old typewriters, ink and old stationary as you put pen to paper (or clack the keys on a typewriter).  Your missive will be added to the collection for visitors to TLoL to read and enjoy, transporting them to your home, studio or memories through the thoughts you have shared on paper.

Combining the community aspect of a library, the intimacy of letter writing, and the modern day connected world we make stories viral in the slowest way possible.


DATES: Saturday 1 October – Sunday 2 October

TIME: 10am – 4pm

VENUE: York Post Office Building  |  134 Avon Terrace, York

COST: Free!

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the beautiful lands on which The York Festival takes place, the Ballardong Noongar people. We honour and pay our respects to their elders past, present and emerging.

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